How to Choose the Right for Booster for Rocket League

How to Choose the Right for Booster for Rocket League

In the early days of gaming, the games were meant to be bought once with no microtransactions included. Back in the day if you wanted to get good at the game you had to play through the game and grind your way to unlock cosmetics and in-game rewards. Competitive games were also paid, where you have to buy the game with no cosmetics included or any other power ups or in-game items that can give you an advantage over the other opponent’s players. Everyone was having a fair play with a simple equation that if you want to be the best you have to grind and put in the work.

Unlike today’s competitive gaming space where most of the games are Free to play, they are indeed filled with micro-transactions that may or may not give an upper hand in a PvP match. Like every other aspect of life, the games also offer cosmetics that do not affect gameplay whatsoever. So in this blog, we are going to talk about “How to choose the right booster for Rocket League”.

Before I begin to list down the boosts let me tell you what even a boost is in Rocket League. Essentially it is a customizable option in the game. Namely, it gives the car a boost in speed while leaving a trail behind. To not confuse you there are two types of boosting or booster in Rocket League the first one is a cosmetic that you can buy to use in the game while the other one is a service in which you pay someone to rank you up. But, in this blog, we are going to talk the first one which is an in-game item.

Types of Boosts:

While there are multiple types of boosts in the game but mainly there are three main categories as follows:

Standard boost:

If you are playing the game for the first time this is the one you will likely stumble upon. They come in a variety of colors but there is a con in this boost and that is you can’t really trade it with other players. This is the most common boost in Rocket League.

Custom boosts: 

Don’t confuse yourself with the custom you can’t really make your own boost as you like and use it as a PvP match. This just means that Rocket League’s Collabrayed boosts are available in the game. While this type of boost is common in Rocket League they can get pricey if you want something rare-looking in them. This might seem a risky thing to do but trust me it’s way more common than you think and thousands of people get boosted by the players So there’s nothing to worry about.


This booster is one of the most pricey in the whole of Rocket League and there are many reasons for that first being that they are limited in supply. Rocket League launches them when they are having a world championship or when they are collaborating with someone. And as time goes on, the limited supply of goods will always have a greater demand. Hence why they are so pricey.

Now for the part of how to choose the right one for yourself. Choosing cosmetics is a self-centered thing but if you don’t know much about them then I’ll give some tips to find one that is perfect for you and remember there is no wrong choice.

Rocket League Boosting:

There are types of boosters in rocket leagues other than cosmetics of the game. Rocket League boosters are high-ranked players that you can hire for yourself to get win-boosting. They’ll boost your account’s rank in the exchange of money. The procedure is also very simple. To get boosted you just have to give your account’s credentials to the booster and after some time he will deliver back your account with a much better rank on it.

Things to consider before buying one:

So buying a booster is like buying a skin for your favorite in a shooter game or is like choosing a paint job for your car. It is kind of the same thing in rocket league.

Make sure not to overspend or try hard:

First of all, buying a boost is a personal choice so make sure to buy them as you like without trying or thinking too hard. Some players like sparkling flakes going out of their car’s exhaust while other players couldn’t care less about the visual of them; their only concern is the sound of it. So the point I’m trying to make is that just buy your first boost without taking too much or thinking too hard because they don’t affect the gameplay itself so you can’t make a wrong choice here.

Matching Boosts to Playstyle:

Buying or trading a boost according to your playstyle can also help you choose the right one for yourself. This might be an unorthodox tip because they don’t affect gameplay that much but still if you are a zen person then you should get a relaxing boost for yourself.

Aggressive Playstyle:

So if you are a go-getter or in general an aggressive player then you should eye on the gold rush boost. While the boost is rare, it is used by many esports pros of the game. Or if you didn’t get that you should get thermal orange because both look kind of similar to each other.

Defensive Players:

If you play defensively or you just do not want to rush and make mistakes that can cost you and your team a point then I’ve also had a suggestion for you and that is to go for “ion black” which is way cheaper than the other boost I have mentioned earlier. If not then you can also buy a sacred black for yourself which is another zen boost. You and your enemies can barely see it without paying attention to it.

Aerial Players:

I’ve added this playstyle for the sake of symmetry because if you are good with movement in this game then you already know what to do and what to get but if you still want some suggestions then you could also get Gold Rush or its other lesser-known versions which are cheaper and looks kind of same.

So those were my suggestions and tips that you can follow to choose the right Rocket League booster. If you still are not convinced or have second guesses on the matter then you can also check online and on rocket league forums for the sake of researching.